If you think you may have accidentally broken something within the workspace, you may easily go back to the original release settings.

Superalgos is a large system and the learning curve may be a little steep. In the beginning, you may feel a bit lost, and in an attempt to make something work, you may accidentally detach nodes from their hierarchies, remove references, delete nodes, or even entire data structures.

If basic things are not working for you as expected and you think the issue may be that you accidentally broke something, do not panic! You can always go back to the original release settings by restoring a workspace.

Click to learn how to restore a workspace

In brief: To restore a workspace, drag the workspace file and drop it on top of the workspace icon in the design space.

Drag and drop the workspace on the design space, and wait for a few seconds until the progress ring disappears.

Sometimes a new workspace may become available, or you may want to go back to the original state of the workspace as it ships with the system. Or maybe you wish to go back to an earlier version of the workspace you may have backed up.

In any case, to restore a workspace file, follow these instructions:

1. Locate the workspace file you wish to restore. The workspace that ships with the system is Workspace.json in the root of the Superalgos-master folder. Workspaces you may have backed up are stored in the Chrome’s Downloads folder.

2. Go to the design space and locate the Workspace icon.

3. Left-click on the Workspace file, drag it and drop it over the browser, right on top of the Workspace icon. Wait for a few seconds. You should see a ring around the workspace icon, indicating the progress of the import action. Once the ring disappears, the import operation is over and you are free to start using the system.