Trading mines enable the creation of trading bots which may leverage the Superalgos infrastructure to produce smarter trading features.

Superalgos is much more than a trading bot. It is a holistic infrastructure from which trading intelligence emerges through the seamless interplay of multiple complex concepts. It is the capacity to administer the complexity of the concepts involved in trading—and their interactions—that makes Superalgos unique.

A trading mine is a hierarchy that contains definitions of trading bots and their plotters. These definitions make up the actual programs of such bots—the source code.

Altough Superalgos is starting out with a single trading bot, the system is prepared to feature as many trading bots as developers are willing to create. As such, a trading mine is a catalog of trading bots.

Notice that, in the context of Superalgos, a trading bot has nothing to do with the trading logic. Think of trading logic as the business rules which—in Superalgos—are defined in trading systems. Anyone may build trading systems, meaning that creating a trading system and the trading strategies within does not require coding.

Trading mines work similarly to data mines in the sense that they provide the same kind of tools to structure the definitions of bots, including process definitions, product definitions, and plotters.

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Adding a Trading Mine Node

To add the trading mine node, select Add Trading Mine on the other hierarchies node menu in the Superalgos Project hierarchy.