Keep track of data corresponding to the exact point in time signaled by the pointer of the mouse over the charts.
The current object refers to the context in which instances of several other objects exist—like episode, strategy, position, strategy stages, and so on—in particular, the instances that are open at the time of evaluation, hence the adjective current.

Conceptually, current is used as an adjective applied to different concepts, such as the current episode, the current strategy, the current position, or the current strategy stage, to indicate the instance that is passing at the moment.

The generation of offspring nodes under the current section of the hierarchy keeps track of information within the scope of the embodied concept: episode, strategy, position, and so on.

In other words, the episode, strategy and position nodes within the current section of the hierarchy feature information relative to the instances of the episode, strategy, and position that are currently passing, at any point in time.





Strategy Trigger Stage

Strategy Open Stage

Strategy Manage Stage

Strategy Close Stage