The system makes every piece of information processed by the trading bot available to trading systems.

To access the value of any of the nodes in the trading engine hierarchy from within conditions and formulas, the syntax follows the ramifications of the data structure, exactly as seen in the visual representation of the hierarchy on the design space.

For example, let’s say you wish to access the value of the begin node under strategy open stage. The path to that node, as denoted by the structure of the hierachy below, is: tradingEngine.current.strategyOpenStage.begin.value

If you wish to go one step lower and access the value of the target size under the stage quoted asset, then the path is: tradingEngine.current.strategyOpenStage.stageQuotedAsset.targetSize.value

Trading Engine





Strategy Trigger Stage

Strategy Open Stage



Exit Type


Begin Rate

End Rate

Stage Base Asset

Stage Quoted Asset

Target Size

Size Placed

Size Filled

Fees Paid

Strategy Manage Stage

Strategy Close Stage


Exchange Orders

Copy Node Path

For ease of use, you may copy the path of any node that holds a valid value directly from within the node’s menu. Simply use the Copy Node Path button.

Formula Example

Let’s say you wish to set a take profit 3% above the initial target rate you defined in the open stage of your strategy.

As explained in the positions page, that value is stored in the entry target rate node under the current position.

So, the formula for the take profit phase is:

tradingEngine.current.position.entryTargetRate.value * 1.03