The close stage is a mirror of the open stage, with definitions concerning the closing of the position, including the close execution.
The close stage deals with the definitions that make up the logic to close a position, including the target rate and size, and order execution.

The close stage is opened when either the stop loss or take profit targets are hit.

In a way, the close stage is virtually a mirror of the open stage, as the same definitions are required to close a position. There are a few logical differences, though.

For example, in the open stage, you probably defined the target size as a function of the capital allocated to the trading system. In the close stage, you will likely want to define the target size as a function of the size filled, that is, the amount of the orders placed that was filled during the open stage.

Close Execution

The close execution node groups all execution algorithms involved in the process of closing a position.

The close execution section of the close stage works similarly to the open execution in the open stage. Please refer to the explanations of the open stage for the details.