Run a backtesting session using an existing open-source strategy and, once the session is done calculating, analyze the results over the charts.

The testing of strategies and trading ideas is at the core of successful trading, and Superalgos provides a powerful infrastructure for that matter. The instructions below will take you through the operational aspects of running a backtesting session, using an existing open-source strategy, the Weak Hands Buster as an example. The rest of this documentation provides valuable insights on the full potential behind the set of testing tools available.

Start Here

1. Go to the network hierarchy.

The image illustrates points 1 to 5 below.

2. Find the testing environment node along with the Binance exchange tasks node.

3. Find the Paper & Backtesting Sessions Binance BTC/USDT task manager.

4. Find the Backtesting WHB task and click Run on the menu.

5. Find the Backtesting WHB session and click Run on the menu.

Wait a few seconds and notice the progress indication below the backtesting session node.

6. Stop the Backtesting WHB task. Make sure the session finished calculating first.

The indication of progress reaches the present time, stops, and eventually disappears. When that happens, stop the corresponding task.

7. Open the charting space and pan the viewport to the left-hand side.

We have set up a chart for each of the trades performed by the strategy from January 2019 and on, so that you may find them quickly.

Notice the charts on the left-hand side of the charting space.

8. Take some time to explore each trade by zooming into the charts.

Every trade is graphically represented over the charts, with all the details including take position rate, initial stop and take profit targets, dynamic targets changing in phases, exit rate, trade results, and plenty more information on the trading simulation panel.