The node server runs the system on the console and the browser runs the web application functioning as a user interface.

Once you fire up the system, things start happening on the console and the browser…

On the Console

Node JS runs several servers—the server-side of the system—on the same console window. A few seconds later, bots are fired up to start fetching data from the exchange, as well as processing candles and a few basic indicators.

Several servers are started after running the node run command. Moments later, bots start logging their activity.

On the Browser

The system opens your default browser and loads the web application that functions as a user interface.

The dark side of the web application is the design space. Pull the slider up and you will find the charting space. In the beginning, all charts are empty.


You are up and running!

Now you are ready to learn the basic operation of the system. You will learn how to browse markets, run a first backtest, and try a live trading session, to get the feel for how things work.