Launch Superalgos via Node JS.

Start Here

1. Go to the Superalgos-master folder you extracted from the ZIP file on the prior step.

2. Open a console/terminal/command line inside the Superalgos-master folder. If you are on Windows, your console may open in a different directory.

Click to learn how to change directories in the console

In brief: To change directories, use the cd (change directory) command.

These are a few useful commands to navigate through a directory structure in the context of a console/terminal/command line application:

Command Effect
cd \Superalgos-master Goes to the Superalgos-master folder, assuming it exists at the root of the current drive. If your Superalgos-master folder is not at the root of the drive, use the whole path instead. For example: cd \my-files\crypto-trading\Superalgos-master
cd .. Goes down to the parent directory
cd ... Goes down two directories
cd \ Goes down to the root directory
cd directory-name Enters a specific directory in the current level
c: or d: Switches drives

Use the cd command to change and enter directories.

3. Type node run and hit Enter to launch the system.

Type the node run command and hit Enter.