Before you begin, please install Chrome and Node JS, and make sure you have a decent console application.

This Getting Started Guide will quickly show you the very basics of Superalgos so that you may rapidly grasp the system’s potential. The guide will take you through a sequence of instructions to download and install the system, run it for the first time, fetch some data from exchanges, browse markets on the charts, run a first backtest with an existing strategy, and even try a live trading session, for demonstration purposes.

Use Chrome, the Only Tested Browser

Before you begin, it is highly recommended that you install Chrome and set it up as your default browser.

Install Node JS

Please install Node JS, an open-source server environment required to run Superalgos.

1. Go to the Node JS downloads page.

2. Download your system’s installer (the LTS Recommended for Most Users version is enough).

3. Run the installer and go through the process until Node JS is fully installed.

Procure a Good Console/Terminal/Command Line App

You launch the software from your console/terminal/command line application. Also, processes started from within the system log their activity on the console used to fire up the system. Therefore, the console is a fundamental piece of software to operate the system. Windows Command Prompt is particularly bad as a console. If you are on Windows, it is recommended to install and use a decent application, such as Console Emulator Cmder. This will save you time and hassle, and make the operation of the system more enjoyable.

Are You Upgrading to a New Version of Superalgos?

If you have run Superalgos before, read the best practices for upgrading the system as a reminder, and take your time before you commit to the upgrade.