It is of the utmost importance for developers to understand how to reproduce the issue.

We highly appreciate bug reports. This is what you need to do:

1. Make sure you are running the latest release. You may find information about releases on the Official Superalgos Telegram Announcements Channel. If you are not running the latest version of the software, please upgrade and test your issue again before reporting anything. We do not maintain of fix bugs on past versions.

2. Go to the Issues page in the Superalgos repository.

3. Search for similar existing issues. If you find one similar to yours, you may find helpful to follow the thread, and may contribute by introducing new information about the issue.

4. Open a new issue only if there are no existing similar issues. Do your best to describe the problem as thoroughly as possible.

If the issue happens within the browser, you may use the systems’ video capture feature:

  • Hit Ctrl + F8 to capture a static PNG image.

  • Hit Ctrl + F9 to start capturing a GIF video, and hit the same key combination again to end the capture. Once the capture ends, it takes some time to process the capture and generate the final file.

  • Ctrl + F10 to start capturing a WEBM video, and hit the same key combination again to end the capture. WEBM videos are processed instantly.

In all three cases, the browser downloads the resulting file and makes it available in the downloads folder.

In case the issue does not happen at the browser, for example, if it happens at the console, LICEcap is a lightweight, simple system that can help you capture GIF videos outside of Superalgos.

If developers can reproduce the issue, half of the problem is solved already.

If the issue seems to happen under specific conditions, you may want to share a backup of the corresponding data structures with developers. To do this, go to the concerned node and select Share in the menu. A file containing the structure of nodes with no personal information downloads to your browser’s download folder. Upload this file to the issue only if you feel comfortable with sharing it openly. If not, then wait for developers to contact you.

If the issue happens while using the system at the browser, then please include a screen capture of Chrome’s Console. Open DevTools with the F12 key (when the browser is in focus) and click the Console tab, then go back and reproduce the issue. Take a screen capture of the Console and paste it along with your report.

Feel free to also include screen captures of the system itself if there is anything relevant you wish to show to developers.


5. Enable Github notifications when someone responds to the issue, as developers may want to ask questions.