The production environment organizes your strategy-deployment resources, grouping tasks and associated forward testing and live trading sessions.
The production environment node organizes trading sessions involving live trading.

Superalgos aims to provide a flexible and robust trading bots deployment toolbox.

With Superalgos, you may deploy as many trading bots as you wish and have them running on a single computer or in as many machines as you wish, in a trading farm type of setup. To help with the management of large numbers of live trading sessions, the system helps you with sorting tasks by exchange, market, and trading mine.

The production environment works pretty much in the same way as the testing environment, save for two important differences:

  • The production environment runs forward testing and live trading sessions, instead of backtesting and paper trading sessions.

  • These two types of sessions involve monetary transactions at the exchange, thus require the set up of a key reference to authenticate your account with the exchange.

Production Environment

Exchange Trading Tasks

Market Trading Tasks

Trading Mine Tasks

Task Manager


Trading Bot Instance

Trading Process Instance

Forward Testing Session

Live Trading Session


Trading System Reference

Trading Engine Reference

Execution Started Event

Key Reference