Indicator bots enable the processing of data by consuming datasets others have produced, performing calculations, and outputting a new value-added data product that others may consume.
An indicator bot is an algorithm that processes information that other bots have generated, and produces elaborate datasets for others to consume.

The indicator bot node holds all definitions required for an indicator bot to function. Definitions are split between the definition of processes and products. Processes are algorithms that go through an input dataset, perform certain calculations, and produce an output. Products are the outcome of the work produced by these algorithms, in the form of ellaborate data sets.

Most of the behavior expected from an indicator bot is defined by the structure of nodes in the hierarchy and the references among the nodes within these definitions. As such, you do not need to code any of the functions that make up the infrastructure functionality. Dependencies, outputs, data structures, execution sequences, and several other problems are handled by the definitions embodied in the structure of nodes that make up an indicator, and are configured in the visual environment of the design space. Coding is limited to the actual calculation and data building procedures.

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Adding an Indicator Bot Node

To add an indicator bot, select Add Indicator Bot on the data mine node menu. An indicator bot is created along with the basic structure of nodes required to define it.

Configuring the Indicator Bot

Select Configure Bot on the menu to access the configuration.

"codeName": "Superbot"
  • codeName is the name of the bot as used within the code of the system.

Indicator Bot

Process Definition

Product Definition

Process Definition

The process definition node groups all definitions required for a process to function. The Multi-Period-Market Process deals with time frames of one hour and above. The Multi-Period-Daily Process deals with time frames of 45 minutes and below.

Product Definition

The product definition node holds all definitions that make up a product, including how the product is calculated and the datasets the product is comprised of.