In brief: To uninstall an existing market, click Run on the uninstall market super action corresponding to the market you wish to uninstall.

Run the uninstall market super action to uninstall an existing market.

1. Expand the exchange markets node of your preferred crypto exchange in the crypto ecosystem hierarchy.

Click to learn how to find a hierarchy

In brief: To find a hierarchy, access the design space map with a right-click of the mouse, and left-click on your desired destination.

The image illustrates points 1 and 2 below.

1. Access the design space map.

Right click anywhere on the design space to access the design space map.

2. Left-click on your desired destination.

That should take you to the exact point you clicked on the map.

For your information, the design space is organized over a square perimeter around the workspace node, and each hierarchy is located on one of the cardinal directions. Hierarchies feature an ever-present white ring. The ring hints the direction in which a hierarchy is located.

Hierarchy Cardinal Direction Direction Keyboard Shortcut (Windows only)
Sparta Data Mine North Ctrl + Alt + S (S for Sparta)
BRR trading System North East Ctrl + Alt + W (W for Weak Hands Buster)
WHB Trading System East Ctrl + Alt + B (B for Bull Run Rider)
Super Scripts South East Ctrl + Alt + Z (Z for, well…)
Network South Ctrl + Alt + N (N for Network)
Crypto Ecosystem South West Ctrl + Alt + E (E for Ecosystem)
Charting System West Ctrl + Alt + C (C for Charting System)
Masters Data Mine North West Ctrl + Alt + M (M for Masters)

2. Click Run on the Uninstall Market super action node menu corresponding to the market you wish to uninstall.

Running the super action deletes all the infrastructure associated with the market, including the following:

  1. Data storage structures of nodes.

  2. Data mining operation for the corresponding exchange and market.

  3. Testing environment and production environment task managers featuring tasks for all types of trading sessions referencing the Weak-hands Buster trading system.

  4. A time machine containing a timeline chart for the market, made readily available on the charting space.