In brief: To detach a node, click on the detach button on the node's menu. To attach a node, right-click it and drag it closer to the node you wish to attach it to. Release the right-click when the target node is highlighted.

Use the detach option on the menu to break a relationship.

Nodes in the workspace may be unchained or detached from its parent, carrying all offspring with it. When a node is left unchained, it is no longer taken into account in the logic of the hierarchy, as it no longer belongs to it. When a node is chained back or reattached to the hierarchy, it goes back to being functional.

This feature is useful when testing different configurations, rules or parameters, as it allows to keep alternatives handy in the workspace.

Nodes may be attached only to potential parents. The system limits the way in which nodes may be attached, according to the logic of the information they contain.