The super scripts hierarchy provides developers with an infrastructure to create macro-style capabilities to deploy or administer structures of nodes.

Super Scripts

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Template Script

Template Structure

Template Target

Javascript Code

Javascript Code

Super Scripts

The super scripts hierarchy holds definitions of scripts used to automate certain aspects of the administration and maintenance of the workspace, such as installing and deleting markets.

The super scripts hierarchy may be used by developers who wish to create their own scripts for automating the deployment or manitenance of all sorts of structures of nodes across any of the hierarchies in the design space.

Regular users will find little to do with this hierarchy, even though they may use it indirectly, for instance, when installing or uninstalling markets.

Adding a Super Scripts Node

To add a super scripts hierarchy, select Add Super Scripts on the other hierarchies node menu in the Superalgos Project hierarchy.

Configuring the Super Scripts

Select Configure Super Scripts on the menu to access the configuration.

"codeName": "Masters"
  • codeName is the name of the hierarchy as is used in the system’s code.

Scripts Library

A script library is a collection of related scripts.

The script library node plays an organizational role, grouping masters scripts according to the criteria of the developer.

Adding a Scripts Library Node

To add a scripts library, select Add Scripts Library on the super scripts node menu.

Master Script

A master script contains the definitions of any number of template scripts along with the master JavaScript code providing the logic to implement them.

In general terms, master scripts serve to atomize the complexity of the task at hand by subdividing the task into any number of specific scopes, handled by individual template scripts. The master script controls the execution of template scripts and solves issues beyond their scope.

The current implementation of the Masters super scripts hierarchy features two master scripts you may use as examples. The Setup Market master script deals with all the steps required to install a new market, while the Delete Market Dependencies master script deals with uninstalling markets.

Adding a Master Script Node

To add a master script, select Add Master Script on the scripts library node menu.

Template Script

The template script node holds the definitions concerned with the scope of a particular structure of nodes.

As such, a template script features all the components required to deal with such scope only.

In the particular Masters super script implementation, each template script in the Setup Markets master script features a structure of nodes to be created in a specific location, and the associated JavaScript code deals with implementing such structure of nodes and establishing the corresponding references.

Adding a Template Script Node

To add a template script, select Add Template Script on the scripts master script node menu.

Template Structure

The template structure holds the structure of nodes with all its configurations and properties, exactly as it should be implemented.

Properties include the physical arrangement of nodes, references and so on.

Adding a Template Structure Node

To add a tempalte strucutre, select Add Teemplate Structure on the template script node menu.

Template Target

The template target is a reference to the node where the template structure is to be implemented.

Adding a Template Target Node

To add a template target, select Add Template Target on the template script node menu.

JavaScript Code

The JavaScript code node may hold any snippet of valid JavaScript.

In the case of the master script, the JavaScript Code node features the code required to run each template script and handle the operations beyond the scope of individual template scripts.

In the case of a template script, the JavaScript Code node features the code that deals with the specific scope of the template script only.

Adding a JavaScript Code Node

To add a JavaScript code node, select Add JavaScript Code on the master script or the template script node menu.