The exchange assets structure of nodes within the crypto ecosystem hierarchy organizes the assets that you wish to work with, within an exchange.
The exchange assets node groups the definitions of assets.

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Adding an Exchange Assets Node

To add an exchange assets node, select Add Exchange Assets on the crypto exchanges node menu. The exchange assets node is created along with a first asset.

Exchange Assets



An asset node is the definition of an asset listed at the corresponding exchange.

Adding an Asset Node

To add an asset, select Add Asset on the exchange assets node menu.

To add assets in bulk, select Add Missing Assets on the exchange assets node menu. Beware that the exchange may handle hundreds of assets. Before using this option you may want to implement a filter using the exchange assets configuration.

Configuring the Asset

Select Configure Asset on the menu to access the configuration.

"codeName": "BTC"
  • codeName is the ticker of the asset as listed by the exchange (i.e.: BTC, BTH, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, USD, etc.)