Data mines enable the processing of data by consuming datasets others have produced, performing calculations, and outputting a new value-added data product that others may consume.

Superalgos puts a powerful data processing and visualization system in your hands. Use it to the fullest and you will see your intelligence increase by orders of magnitude.

Anyone may access raw trades and order book data from exchanges. Anyone may access information in the form of standard indicators and technical studies.

However, Superalgos allows you to perform any sort of processing over existing information across the whole span of the market, store the results into new datasets, and make them available to trading strategies. Moreover, it allows you to produce elaborate graphical representations of data, which is instantly browsable over the charts.

Data mines’ functionality is highly flexible and works under the same paradigm used for building strategies. They provide a visual interface and a framework that leads you through the process of creating new bots, with minimal coding skills required.

The vast majority of the complexity of processing data is handled internally by the bots, and you don’t need to deal with it or even understand it. The system isolates complexity and only exposes you to the crucial elements that impact what you wish to accomplish.

This section of the documentation provides you with the technical understanding of how data is handled by the system. The core of the functionality this section unveils covers—in essence—the following points:

  • The capacity to define any number of calculation processes that may feed on each other’s outputs, resulting in a wealth of information that may be consumed by trading strategies.

  • The properties and characteristics of datasets resulting from the execution of such processes—how and where they are stored, in what format, how they are consumed internally, and potentially, by other systems.

  • The capacity to visualize the data over the charts and browse it with all the features built in the charting system.

Let’s start with a basic definition…

A data mine is a hierarchy that contains definitions of sensor and indicators bots, and their plotters. These definitions make up the actual programs of such bots—the source code.

In a way, data mines are catalogs of bots that anyone may create. This hierarchy provides all the tools required to create sensors, indicators, and plotters, with minimal coding required.

Because the hierarchy provides definitions, it does not intervene in the execution of bots. Instead, the definitions in data mines are instantiated from the network hierarchy by bot instances. Bot instances and process instances are the ones running the code according to the definitions in the corresponding data mine.

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Adding a Data Mine Node

To add a data mine, select Add Data Mine on the mines node menu in the Superalgos Project hierarchy.

Configuring the Data Mine

Select Configure Data Mine on the menu to access the configuration.

"codeName": "Supermine"
  • codeName is the name of the data mine as used within the code of the system.

Data Mine

Indicator Bot


Indicator Bot

An indicator bot is an algorithm that processes information that other bots have generated, and produces elaborate datasets for others to consume.


A plotter is a device used to produce a graphic representation of datasets generated by bots.