Superalgos has a policy in place to fight scammers and impersonators. Learn how to handle yourself in case a scammer contacts you in private.

As you probably already know, cryptocurrency projects—and crypto trading in particular—attract a fair share of fraudsters and criminals. Needless to say, you need to be careful in your interactions in public forums, and the Superalgos Community Telegram group is no exception.

Be Vigilant

For your protection, the Superalgos Project has adopted the following Community Safety Policy.

1. We will never contact you in private unless you contact us first

If someone appearing or claiming to be a developer with Superalgos, a Core Team member, or an admin in the Superalgos Community group, ever contacts you in private, it’s a scam.

We have been made aware that scammers have contacted community members in private pretending to be Luis, our lead developer.

It is fairly easy to fake an identity in Telegram, as the image below proves, and it’s very hard to tell the difference between the real and the fake profile.

Find the difference between the real Luis Molina profile and the fake one. Which is which?

For that reason, we will never contact you in private unless you start a conversation first. Be immediately suspicious if anyone from the group contacts you in private in an unsolicited manner.

If an admin ever needs to have a private conversation with you, the admin will call you in the public group and publicly ask you to contact him or her in private.

Admins, moderators, and Core Team members’ messages in the group are labeled with the person’s position in the Community group or the project. It is easy to identify them when in the group.

Notice the Lead Developer label on the top-right corner of the message.

To contact an admin in private, find one of the admin’s messages in the group, click on the admin’s user name, and click Send Message on the admin’s profile.

By doing this, you establish a trusted channel that both you and the admin may use in the future.

2. We will never ask you to send us your exchange API keys or funds

In fact, we will never ask you—and you should never need—to trust us in any way.

Superalgos was built under several key design principles, on of which is to be trustless. You shouldn’t need to trust anyone with your exchange API keys or funds. That is why you run the software in your machine or a machine you control.

3. We do not run bots for Community members

While we believe it is legitimate for individuals or companies to run bots for clients, friends, and family, the project is not in the business of running bots.

Report Scammers

If anyone ever contacts you impersonating an admin, or with fraudulent propositions, please report it to a real admin immediately. The scammer may be attacking other people too, and time is of the essence.

After discussing the issue with an admin, please block the user and report it to Telegram by forwarding one of the scammer’s messages to @notoscam, the Antiscam Telegram service.

Bear in mind they do not work with screenshots or copypaste, they can only use forwarded messages.