Superalgos enables the automation of simple and complex crypto-trading strategies and robust market data processing. Getting started with Superalgos is really easy: you may choose to follow a series of video tutorials, or follow written instructions instead. The video series is richer in explanations, while the written series is more concise and to-the-point. Using both is probably the smartest thing to do!

Video Tutorial Series

If you prefer watching videos to reading instructions, this tutorial series takes you through steps 0 to 8. The last two steps are available on the written series only, for the time being.

Written Series

If you prefer following illustrated written instructions, you may go straight to the Getting started guide.

About this Documentation

This is the documentation site for the Superalgos Project, as described on the website, and it’s in a permanent work-in-progress state, pretty much like the Superalgos software itself. Once you are up and running with Superalgos, the documentation covers all concepts managed by the system.

Beta Stage Notice

This is a pre-release in beta stage. The system is under heavy development. We appreciate your help in testing the system and reporting issues you may experience. We will keep improving user experience with your feedback.