Do you have any questions about the mechanics of trading with Superalgos?

What exchanges may I work with?

The system implements the CCXT library which allows connecting to a vast list of exchanges. However, many exchanges do not fully comply with the standards established by the library.

The following is the current state of tests on different exchanges:

Exchange OHLCVs Capability [*] Market History Trading Capability [**] Comments
Binance Starting Sep, 2017 Fully tested. Starting with Binance is recommended as the experience is seamless.
Bitfinex 1 year Tested, with issues: we have experienced the ERR_RATE_LIMIT error despite the fact that Superalgos sends a maximum of two requests per market / bot / minute when trading live.
Bitmex   The concept of a contract is not yet implemented within Superalgos, thus, trading is not enabled yet.
Kraken Historical data may only be accessed by id, not by date, thus not available at the moment.  
Poloniex Only 5-minutes time frame available in OHLCV data, while 1-minute is required, thus not available at the moment.  
Bittrex A few weeks, depending on the market. Live trading not available because Bittrex allows limit orders only (Superalgos may only place market orders at the moment).
Gemini A few hours.  

[*] The ability to fetch historic data for backtesting purposes has been verified.

[**] The ability to run strategies in live-trading mode has been verified.

You are free to test exchanges that haven’t been tested by the team. That said, it is highly recommended to start with tried and tested exchanges until you become proficient with using the system before venturing into the unknown landscape of untested exchanges.

Do I need to have an account with an exchange?

You will need an account with a supported exchange and an exchange API key if you decide to trade live. You may use Superalgos to get started, to download data from exchanges, to build and to test trading strategies without an exchange account.

Is trading fully automated?

Yes. It may be if you choose to run a live trading session.

Do I need to have the system running to trade live?

Yes. The backend application must be running a live trading session to place orders at the exchange. If you turn your computer off or stop Superalgos, the system will not trade live during that time.

You may close the fronted application running on the browser at any time. Only the backend application running on the console needs to be running at all times when trading live.

Once you are proficient with running and operating the system, you may set up the backend in a separate or dedicated computer, and control it from the fronted running on your every-day machine. In this manner, the machine running the backend is the only one required to run continuously, while the one running the frontend may be turned off and on at will.

What happens if the system shuts down unexpectedly?

In case the system is stopped or stops unexpectedly after a position has been taken, the system does not resume the transaction once it comes back online. In such a case, the position must be managed and closed manually.