Do you have any questions about getting help while using Superalgos?

What if I need help? Do you have customer support?

We love being in touch with users and are happy to help with anything you may need. Our priority is to help users progress fast and push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with Superalgos.

  • Let’s talk Superalgos! Join the Superalgos Community Telegram! We love it when people show up to say hi, or offer feedback. The community is the place where you want to be to stay up to date with recent developments. It’s also the place where users discuss building strategies, share work in progress, and help each other learn faster. Don’t be shy! Drop by, say hi, tell us how you are using Superalgos, or let us know if you are missing any features.

  • Users online support! If you have any questions or issues running the system, or need help getting started, please ask for help in the Superalgos Support Telegram.

  • Developers and testers group! Join the Developer’s Telegram to discuss building indicactors, fixing bugs, contributing code, and helping test new functionality.

  • Support in Spanish! Join Superalgos en Español Telegram Group.

  • Official Announcements! Be the first to know about new releases and hot fixes! Join the Superalgos Channel.

May I ask for features I may be missing?

Yes. We keep a wish list for new features in the form of issues in the Superalgos repository. If you are missing a key feature, feel free to open an issue starting the subject with the word Improvement:. Please be thorough on your explanation about what you wish and how you envision the feature should work, and make sure you follow the thread so that you may answer questions the developers may have.

We make no promises as of what features may be developed when, but we do our best to keep up with the Community’s requests.