Do you have any questions before commiting to download and start using Superalgos?

Do I need to be a technical person to use Superalgos?

At this stage, it is rather easy to get started with Superalgos.

There is extensive documentation and a step by step download and set up guide. When you run the app for the first time, an interactive tutorial takes you by the hand and walks you around while you learn how to use all the basic tools.

That said, Superalgos is in an open beta-stage, still under development. The early-stage pre-release intends to gather feedback from early adopters, who may help shape the software and evolve it into a robust product. We try our best to make installation and operation easy. At this point, the system is directed at tech-savvy individuals with a knack for learning a few PC operator tricks while installing and using the system.

If you don’t consider yourself an early adopter and usually go to your 10-year-old for advice on using your PC, you may still give it a shot. Developers and users in the Community will be happy to give you a hand and help you get up and running.

Will Superalgos work on my computer?

Superalgos may run in most computers. Please, read the system requirements for the details.

Is Superalgos a web-based service?

No. What you will get is a client application that runs entirely on users’ machines. This is to fulfill the design principle of a trustless deployment: you don’t need to trust any third party with your strategies, exchange API keys, personal information, or funds.

There is a thorough description of system features and functionality on the website.

Why is such an amazing piece of software open-source?

Because the Superalgos Project is about building a Collective Trading Intelligence, and the Superalgos software is the backbone of the technology that enables creating such intelligence, while collaborating. Please find the full explanation in this Medium post. You may also find more information about the project’s long-term vision on the web site.