Superalgos enables the creation, testing and deployment of simple and complex crypto-trading strategies, as well as robust crypto-markets data processing.

Getting Started

Getting started with Superalgos is easy: you may choose to follow a series of video tutorials, or follow written instructions instead. The video series is richer in explanations, while the written series is more concise and to-the-point. Using both is probably the smartest thing to do!

The Getting Started Guide quickly shows you the very basics of Superalgos so that you may rapidly grasp the system’s potential. It takes you through a sequence of instructions to download and install the system, run it for the first time, fetch some data from exchanges, browse markets on the charts, run a first backtest with an existing strategy, and even try a live trading session, for demonstration purposes.

Community Support

If you have any questions or issues running the system, or need help getting started, please ask for help in the Community Telegram.

We love it when people show up to say hi, or offer feedback as well. Also, the community is the place where you want to be to stay up to date with recent developments and with what is cooking for the next release. It’s also the place where users discuss building strategies, share work in progress, and help each other learn faster. Don’t be shy! Drop by, say hi, tell us how you are using Superalgos, or let us know if you are missing any features.

Contribute Your Skills

Superalgos is an open-source community project and relies on users’ contributions to grow and provide the solutions we all benefit from. If you find Superalgos brings value to your trading or research, please consider contributing some time and effort to the project. There is something you may do to give back, regardless of what your skill set may be.

Community Safety Policy

  1. We will never contact you in private unless you contact us first.
  2. We will never ask you to send us your exchange API keys or funds.
  3. We do not run bots for Community members.

Learn why!

Important Announcements

The official Superalgos Announcements channel is where new releases and important bug reports are announced. Make sure you are in the channel to stay in the loop.

About Superalgos

Superalgos is a comprehensive system managing each of the important concepts that make up trading intelligence. Learn more about the project and system features on the home page.